Photography by

Christos Karantzolas

Photography by

Christos Karantzolas

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Today everything exists to end in a photograph.

by Susan Sontag

— inspirationInto the Light

An Athenian by birth, I spent my childhood soaking in the culture, the beauty and the exquisite Greek light. My journey as an adult started by studying Biology and Dance and after completing those demanding years of studies, I discovered Photography as a new field that combined my respect for Science and my need for artistic expression. New York City is my new home. I'm excited and energized by the infinite promise of each day.

— a riveting "visual" sound bite/VEKST/

In one exhilarating shoot, Christos Karantzolas captures with perfect acuity, the ambivalance, angst and beauty of youth.

— featuredThe Impression Magazine - Issue 1

Christos Karantzolas' cover story for the first print edition of The Impression honoring American designers and their classic styles.

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