Photography by

Greg Vaughan

Photography by

Greg Vaughan

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An inspiring quote, I don't have... wish I did. Love writing tattoos and been jealous that I don't have something to ink on me. What I do have is strong movie moments that are important to me...The Hunger, The Conformists, Brazil, Betty Blue, Quadrophenia, Body Double, Blade Runner, and My Life as a Dog. Yes, I worked in a movie theater as a teenager.

by Greg Vaughan, Photographer

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Photography and Fashion have been an obsession since I was a kid. I started in photography, transitioned into a Make-Up Artist, but found my way back to photography! I love the process of creating an image or a series of images from grunge to grander. I find inspiration in all sorts of things, but really in the simplicity of what I see — an authenticity of a subject or a situation.

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Life as a Circus — Photography by Greg Vaughan. Styling by Grant Woolhead. Shot at Circus Warehouse, New York.

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