Photography by

Leigh Keily

Photography by

Leigh Keily

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Leigh Keily is a photographer specialising in celebrity portraits. Leigh grew up in Australia but has lived in London for 15 years, building an impressive portfolio of unique, simple and beautiful portraits of well known celebrities and public figures, including a recent portrait of Prince William for a British magazine cover. Leigh has extensive experience from actors to sportsmen, politicians to musicians, and also shoots TV and film posters including the global campaigns for top British MTV programming.

I started photography as a teenager, building a darkroom in my parents laundry. Growing up in Australia shaped my photographic practice - I love the outdoors, clean light and sharp lines, beauty in simplicity. London taught me how to think outside the box, be individual, create epic stories and to be a leader. Together they help to inspire me everyday and on every project.

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Leigh Keily made history when he photographed the first member of the Royal Family to appear on the cover of an LGBT publication, Attitude. Watch Video of Leigh shooting the iconic Prince William cover.

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Short film to accompany the JÓN Issue 13 shoot, 'Hollywood Hotel' - in the summer 2016 issue.

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